CHAdeMO 32A lader

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CHAdeMO 32A/3 fas 400V mobil ladestasjon

Kategori: Portabel elbillader

Produsent: EVTEC



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EVTEC move&charge has been developped as a mobile DC fast charge device following the CHAdeMO-Protocol. move&charge is "the" adaptor between existing infrastructure and your DC fast charge socket on your EV. move&charge can operate on every three-phase plug (CEE 16/32A) without any additional installation costs. 

  • up to 6 times faster than onboard ac-charger
  • No installation costs - three-phase socket CEE 16 / 32 A
  • portable device, flexible to deploy: just move, plug&play!
  • just 10 min longer charging time compared to a 50 kW charger (Citroën C-Zero)
  • first mobile and easy to deploy "adaptor" between three-phase plug and CHAdeMO socket on your EV

Teknisk beskrivelse

  • AC input voltage 400 VAC ±10% (nominal 400 VAC)
  • DC output voltage 250 - 420 VDC, current 0 A - 60 A
  • efficiency 95% at 50% load, 94% at 100% load
  • power factor >0,99 at >50% load
  • integrated Ground Fault Detection
  • residual current and over current circuit breaker
  • CHAdeMO protocol Rev 0.9